We bring stand-up comedy to bars, clubs, pubs and restaurants all over America... and a few other random places.

Packed crowds across the country!

Our comedians have been featured on:
Bob & Tom Show CMT CNN Comedy Central E! Entertainment Network HBO MTV NBC Showtime Sports Illustrated Sirius Saturday Night Live Spike TV truTV UPN USA VH1 XM

Featured Comedians

Comedy Production

Our staff has successfully produced over 5,300 live events throughout the United States and internationally. We possess a wealth of experience in making your event a success.

Public Relations

We have over 40,000 media contacts nationwide consisting of newspapers, magazines, radio stations as well as several other media outlets and publications.

Event Promotion

We provide our clients with the tools necessary to host a successful event. We provide tickets and posters in hard copy as well as digital formats. We also have an online ticketing system to help with ticket sales.

Dedicated Support

We’re with you every step of the way. From the moment we set up your event we will be in constant communication. You can reach us anytime you need us. We will even give you our cell phone number!

Comedy On Your Budget

If you’re a small town bar in the middle of Iowa or a huge auditorium in New York City, we have event and talent solutions that can meet your needs. We work to fulfill a wide array of budgets. We have zero capacity limitations.

Talent Procurement

We have access to over 6,000 artists (no kidding) all over the world. We’re able to provide you with exactly what you need for your event in less than 24 hours.